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Get Your Online Shopping Mall Here: Earn Rent, Commissions..or Both!

How Would You Like To Own 100% Shares In A Shopping Mall…… And Get Paid RENT or/and Commissions  On Sales Made By The Shops In YOUR Mall?


I am writing this letter to you to invite you to take up one of the most amazing business offers you will ever see.

This invitation gives a small group of entrepreneurs and friends of the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs [SACE] the chance to buy 100% shares in a few online shopping malls that we created for you!

This is amazing stuff; these online malls are build on 21st century technology – the same technology that you will find at the biggest and smartest businesses – many of whom listed on stock exchanges all over the world.

What is an ONLINE MALL?

We all know what a brick-and-mortar shopping mall is…right?

It is basically a big building with many independent shops, sometimes 100+ under one roof.

Shopping Malls make money by renting floor space AND in most cases they also earn commissions on turnover from sales make at these independent shops.

Generally, there is a “blue point,” whereby if the tenant’s annual sales exceed a certain level, the mall is entitled to additional rent, based upon a percentage.

An ONLINE MALL is basically the same thing. But instead of physical shops under one roof, an online mall host many smaller retail stores [e-stores] under one umbrella and brand name.

Some of the biggest online malls in the world today are Amazon, Etsy and eBay. These types of e-commerce stores are also known as Multi-Vendor sites.

The smaller independent shop owners are called VENDORS.

These vendors are often existing brick-and-mortar shop owners, or people who make handmade products, or craftsmen and women – anyone from graphic designers, architects, even actors or voice-over artists can be vendors.
The rule of thumb is; for every shop you can find in a shopping mall or on a flee market, there is or can be an online equivalent.

How does an ONLINE MALL make money?

Multi-Vendor Sites owners [Online Mall Owners] typically earn their income in three ways.

1. They take a percentage [for example 10%] on all vendor sales as a commission.
2. They ask a small monthly “space” rental fee to host the vendors shop and products.
3. They earn advertising fees; from Google Adsence or from other sources.

The systems that were developed in the last few years to help entrepreneurs run successful ONLINE MALL’s will simply blow your mind!

It is easy to do and extremely profitable!


Simple download the INFO PACK at the link below – it is 100% Free!


But there is more…

  • We want to teach you the skills you need to succeed. First we will show you how to work the back-office part of your new business like a pro. When you master this [and it is easier than you think] you will never have to pay a developer to help you.
  • We will give you enough “starter” products [see more details below] to add to your new online mall. This will show vendors exactly what your platform is all about, and how they can also be part of your success.
  • We will show you how and where to get vendors to join your business and how they can “open” their own shop(s) on your platform. The more independent vendors you have on your mall, the bigger your income.
  • We will show you how to market your MALL – online and off-line, so that search engines and buyers can find you.
  • We will show you how to grow your business, one vendor at a time. We have incredible powerful stuff to share with you. All you have to do is say YES!



Thank You

One Response so far.


    Initially, Jordan Garret probably spent about R2000 on his e-store in 2016. He sold it last week [January 2018] for R150 525. That is a 7500% return.

    Linkedin was sold to Microsoft in Dec 2016 for $26.2 Billion.

    Why – what is the secret?

    When you buy your own Platinum Pro Multi-Vendor e-Store today, you not only buy it for the monthly income it generates, but you also buy it because of its potential asset value.

    Just like any other business, if you work on it and allow it to grow – it will give you returns beyond believe.

    And the best way to grow your business is to allow individuals and companies to use (most) of it services free, just like Facebook and Linkedin do.

    With your own Platinum Pro Multi-Vendor e-Store you simply give away e-store space to vendors, locally or internationally, and allow your business to grow into the asset you want it to be.

    See the attached INFO PACK, the application form is on the last page.

    This is a very special invitation that is not going to last long. Act Now!

    Please get your application form to us today.

    Kind Regards

    FROM: The SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE)
    Phone: 0861-101-841

    PS: Make 2018 the best year ever and buy your own Multi-Vendor Store today. With a multi-vendor store you can let others help you willingly to grow an asset bigger than most peoples pension funds.

    You will see the link to the story of Jordan Garret at the bottom of page 9 of the info pack.