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South African Chamber Of Entrepreneurs

South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs: 2009 – 2016

This short report is a peak behind the curtains since 2009.

Prior to 2010 SACE announced and launch many different very successful projects in SA to help would-be entrepreneurs in the country to start a “off-line” businesses.

It was mostly done via a combination of giving the “student” a read-made-business and giving the “student” the training and coaching to manage and market his or her specific business. [We believe that, like any new skill, practice makes perfect – this also apply to “practice” running and managing a small business.

Huge focus are always placed on helping small business owners the develop their MARKETING skills. The fact is; if you can’t sell your products or services, you can’t make money.

think about this; Good salesmen  can sell lousy products, but good or even great products don’t sell themselves.

It has always been the aim of SACE and everyone involved at SACE to promote entrepreneur-ship in Southern Africa in a different way.

Below is a quick summary of what we think we know:

  • To be a called a true Entrepreneur you need to start and run your own business or businesses.
  • The only way to start and build your own business is to first gain knowledge and only then can you implement AND practice your new knowledge. Do it right and you will generate profits.
  • Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy, they create jobs and wealth for themselves and for the country. It is like having a strong gold reserve –  something most countries have to little off.
  • There is a “recipe” for every successful business in this world. Successful entrepreneurs know this. They also know they need to practice this recipe to win at the game. Few will re-invert the wheel – it takes to long. They will be better off to “buy” the recipe and follow it to the letter. If they do success is basically guaranteed.


  • If running a business is a GAME (almost all millionaires agree that it is) how can you ever expect to “win the game” if you never get the opportunity to practice the skills to play the game?
  • At The SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) we want to believe that we give all entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs the opportunity to buy the recipe  for a smart and successful business. We then basically GIVE each “student” a Ready-Made-Business to practice on.  SACE - Follow the Recipe
  • Entrepreneurs are clever people. We know from experienced that once they “see the secrets with their own eyes” they get excited and with a little practice they start to win the game. The new earned cash in their pockets make them seek for new answers & solutions to other peoples problems and challenge they face every day. THAT is what business is all about: Solving people or companies  painful problems in exchange for money.

The TIPP-Formula

  • Experienced entrepreneurs believe in the “TIPP” – it is:
  • Try the recipe first.
  • Implement it.
  • Practice it until it becomes…
  • Perfect.

Finally, for Entrepreneurs to succeed in business they need to START SMART.

  • We at SACE know this and we will help them find new business opportunities to “practice” on and while they play the game they learn and they make money.

THIS is, we believe, the ONLY way to get “ordinary” people to become business owners and entrepreneurs. And if they follow the recipe (rules) long enough they will get rich from their own efforts.

Maybe one can say that at SACE  we:

  • Will explore,
  • Evaluate and
  • Inform.

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