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SACE And The Youth

An invitation to the youth of South Africa

The South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) offers it products and services to everyone in the country, doesn’t matter how young or old they are.

But today we want to make a special invitation to the youth. [And if you read here and have children of your own who needs a job or needs a income – it is YOUR responsibility to show them this invitation]

Listen; you are young and full of energy and unless we find a way to stop time, you are the future.

You may think you know everything there is to know about live, but you don’t. And if you think I am wrong test me. You can ask any breathing person on this planet, age 45+ and he or she will tell you exactly the same.

This decade is known as the Information Age!

It is a critical time in human history, especially for  the youth.

Why is that?

Experts say it is a time in history where knowledge will separate the strong from the weak, and they are right!

Yes, this statement has been true (in a certain way) for the last 7000 years, but right now, in the 21st century – it is a new ball game.

Information is at our fingertips, in our pockets, on our smart phones, 24/7.

It is HOW you learn and practice to USE this information that will separate the strong from the weak.

It is no surprise then, why the Government spend more money on education and training for the youth, than any other services in South Africa.

We believe that Government cannot do this alone. They need every citizen and every organization in South Africa to support their vision of building a better future for all – starting with the youth.

It was for this precise reason and vision that the South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) was established in September 2003.

Not only for the youth but also for every single person in SA how wants to start a business.

SACE then registered as a non-profit organization in 2003 with the Department of Social Development with the aim to help young people (and the not so young) to start a business in a different way – a way that none else tried to do before.


Few old school professors, teachers and coaches like to here THIS; but it is true, so here it is:

When the so called “new” South Africa was born more than 20 years ago everyone is talking about “Transfer Of Skills” but few know what it really means.

When I comes to teaching Entrepreneur Skills, they still don’t – especially government.

Non-entrepreneurs cannot transfer entrepreneurial skills – they don’t have any to begin with – and will add little or no value.

Even with the best training material in the world, if you can’t find the right people to deliver the message directly to the people (those who wants to start a business), you will never succeed.

The key to establishing new businesses in any country or society is in the formula: Entrepreneurs train Entrepreneurs.

What’s more, and this is very important, years of experience have shown that already successful entrepreneurs make the best coaches for any group, irrespective of their background, skills, education or life situation.

So there you have it – finally the truly about SKILLS TRANSFER, especially when it comes to helping and training entrepreneurs.


Never before in the history of South Africa was there a greater opportunity for young people in this country to get up and START THEIR OWN BUSINESSES.

At SACE we know what we are doing. You can read HERE why.

It is the knowledge and business expertise we teach our students that make them succeed and prosper.

We do this by giving would-be entrepreneurs (students) their OWN ready-made-businesses.

Once they have their own business, they have the opportunity to practice their new skills in the real world.

This year SACE is 13 years young and our success is phenomenal. Here is what many famous and successful business people have said:

WOW! You should have done this many years ago.

I can see myself grabbing these opportunities – it would have reduced my learning curve with decades.

MONEY IS POWERFUL, there is no sense in denying that and SACE found a way to show others how to earn their own. Congratulation!

Why is SACE so successful?

SACE(The South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs) was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Successful, well-rained entrepreneurs, have the ability to generate money and jobs. And in most cases – very quickly.

SACE has a global network of successful business owners who turned life & business coaches on request, to volunteer and help.

They don’t give money – they never do – they give something far more valuable – their time and skills.

The fact is; nine out of 10 truly successful entrepreneurs in the world give back to the community with a smile and appreciation in their souls.


If you plan to start your own business – it is a two way street. You need to pay your why; If you get everything for free – you will not appreciate, I don’t care how you are.

THAT is why almost every single Government Entrepreneurs Promotional Project fail.

Not because of a lack of money, but because “students” get everything free.

At SACE you need to BUY your own Business-In-A-Box package but we make it easy for you.


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