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About Making Money

 About Making Money : The Pot Of Gold At Your Feet!

You are here for one or two reasons right? To buy a business or to make money or both.  Let us help you!

At the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) we will ask you to take a bold step and buy a business.

Don’t worry, it will be a very smart business and you CAN afford.

You see – having your own business is your best chance to secure wealth – now and for the future.

And don’t worry – you will be able to afford it – and – you are going to love it!

So, please allow me a few seconds to tell you The True Story Of MONEY .

It begins with the concept call “money”.

Men and women all around the world have been concerned about money since the first coin was fashioned in Asia more than two thousand seven hundred and fifty years ago.

You might say that money is like good health.

You will not miss it, until you don’t have it any more.

The reason I am telling you this is because I want to clear the air surrounding the entire subject of money before I move on.

Let’s remind ourselves then exactly what money is; how much is enough, and how to earn the amount of money we need – to live a good life.

To begin with, let’s get rid of the old myth, once and for all, that money is bad or unimportant.

It is not bad, and it is important – it is vitally important.

It is just as important as the food and clothes it buys, the shelter it gives us, the education it provides, and the doctor’s bills it pays.

Money is important to any person living in a civilized society today.

To argue and split hairs to the effect that it is not important is absurd.

Nothing will take the place of money in the area in which money works.

AND that is all there is to it.

The problem is that schools didn’t teach us the secret of money getting, and neither did our parent’s. They couldn’t because nobody showed them either.

Most don’t know how to get it – how to use it – or how to keep it.

You will hear people say, “Yes, but money won’t bring happiness.”

Look…the possession of money has brought a lot more happiness to people all around the world than poverty has.

Money is a warm home and healthy children; it’s birthday presents and a university education; it is a holiday trip overseas and the means to help other people and the less fortunate.

Let me be absolutely clear on this – money is important because it’s the only reward we get for our efforts – and it is the only commodity that is completely trade-able.

Getting rich is thus in everyone’s ability – as long as you are prepared to make the effort!

Look at it this way: A diamond is more valuable than a lump of coal is; yet that’s exactly what a diamond was at one time.

And just as a lump of coal can be transformed into one of the world’s most valuable gems, a human being can vastly increase his own wealth and value to the world.

He only needs to learn a few basic skills; get the opportunity to practice those skills, becomes good in them; and money will roll in by itself.

Here is the formula:

The amount of money we receive for our efforts will always be in direct ratio to the demand for what we do, to our ability to do it, and to the difficulty of replacing us.

In the world economy, a highly skilled human being, like a doctor, engineer, IT expert, a good manager or salesman is worth more money than a person who can’t read or write; or who is not skilled and who can easily be replaced.

I am not saying that one person is a better person than another.

No – I am saying; THAT is the formula and there is nothing you can do about it.

The fact that so many good skilled people today, especially in South Africa, are not being paid for what they are worth has many reasons.

In many cases, obviously not all of them, there where outside forces and circumstances that coursed this imbalance.

So, like in many other countries, good skilled people leave their country and their families behind and seek opportunities elsewhere; hoping to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Many do find it; and it is wonderful for them – I’m sure. But today, right now – you have the pot of gold at your feet.

Are you “Man Enough” to take?

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