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The Gift Of Knowing

To All My Fellow SACE Friends: Everyday I see people drive to work and it is obvious to me that they hate their jobs. I can see it in their grey dead  eyes.  It is sad : they know NOTHING about the value of life. I call Knowing about LIFE : The Gift of Knowing. […]

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About Making Money

 About Making Money : The Pot Of Gold At Your Feet! You are here for one or two reasons right? To buy a business or to make money or both.  Let us help you! At the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) we will ask you to take a bold step and buy a business. Don’t […]

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Entrepreneurship And The RSA

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN SOUTH AFRICA : AN OVERVIEW What is going? Is entrepreneurs building South Africa or not? It is clearer today than ever before that small businesses are the most appropriate vehicles for job creation and job retainment. In recognition of this fact, the South African Government has pursued a number of policies to actively […]

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South African Chamber Of Entrepreneurs

South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs: 2009 – 2016 This short report is a peak behind the curtains since 2009. Prior to 2010 SACE announced and launch many different very successful projects in SA to help would-be entrepreneurs in the country to start a “off-line” businesses. It was mostly done via a combination of giving the […]

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SACE And The Youth

An invitation to the youth of South Africa The South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE) offers it products and services to everyone in the country, doesn’t matter how young or old they are. But today we want to make a special invitation to the youth. [And if you read here and have children of your […]

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