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Make Money With Bitcoin [or not] and Other Crypto-Currencies: AMAZING!

Maybe you have noticed: the world around us is changing faster than ever. Just think: super fast electric cars and hyper loops…what is next?

To be honest – life right now is a little mad and a little crazy fast!

Perhaps you have also seen that traditional money is now been replaced by another coin – a currency without country and a currency without borders.


It started on the 31 October 2008. His name; Satoshi Nakamoto [from Japan] and he invented “a new money coin from thin air.”

A few months later Kristoffer Koch, a student bought 5000 of these coins for about R180 [back then $27] as part of his studies and thesis.

Then later, in 2011, Erik Finman, only 12 years old at the time, bought a number of Sartashi’s coins at about R100 each.

Today in the year 2017, at the time of writing this letter, these coins sell for $4271 each.

This is more than the price of pure gold per ounce. Today you need more than a Kruger Rand to buy ONE of Satoshi coins.

Kristoffer Koch 5000 coins in now worth more than twenty million US Dollars and Erik Finman was a millionaire before his 18th birthday.

What am I talking about?

I am taking about a new legal money, also known as crypto-currency, or as you may know it: BitCoin.

Today there are more that 900 different crypto-currencies trading in the world – 100% legal, just like any other share on the stock markets.

But why am I telling you this? Do I want you to buy Bitcoins?

No – that is not why I am telling you this story.

I am telling you this to show you that information at the right time is often worth a lot – in this case, much more valuable than in gold.

I am also telling you this to illustrate that there is an amazing “universe of money-makers out there” that very few people on this planet knows about.

Bitcoin is just one small example: I want to show you more…

Timing is everything just like the Bitcoin story above. Those who get in first are going to be the once who will reap the rewards later – In Huge Chunks!

I am ready to give you all the information you need to learn more about Bitcoin and the other crypto-currencies
around the world.

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One Response so far.

  1. SACE-Member says:

    I just saw this Online Public Forum question about BITCOIN today.

    The question is from a member who asked it on 30 April 2013.

    The writer [let call him Mr X] asked: Does anyone have information with regards to regulations / compliance of exchange of “virtual currencies” (like Bitcoin) in South Africa as a company or individual. I don’t see anything on the FICA website. I’m not sure how it could ever be regulated giving the nature of Bitcoin, but anyway…

    And the writer, Mr X, put a footnote in his question:

    PS. If you feel the need to tell me how Bitcoin will fail or the Bubble that’s going to burst, please start a new thread somewhere else. I just need the info described above, thanks people.

    Today is 23 September 2017 and I thought:

    “Wow – a lot happened since April 2013 on the bitcoin front. And why did Mr X mentioned the Bitcoin bubble? What happened? And what is happening to Bitcoin today – and what happened since 2013?”

    Here are a few highlights:

    In January 2013 the Bitcoin price was $13.

    In February 2013 the price of Bitcoin started to increase and in early April reached a new high of $249

    But by the end of April 2013, the price per Bitcoin dropped back to $85. It when up again to about $150 in May and dropped to around $75 in Jun 2013.

    Four years later – 01 September 2017: The price of Bitcoin came within touching distance of $5,000 earlier today.

    05 September 2017: In The News: Speculation is rife that the Chinese government is launching a crackdown on Bitcoin, prompting traders to sell. And this comes after China earlier decided to ban initial coin offerings.

    These two moves signal a marked hostility towards bitcoin and other crypto-currency in the world.

    The Bitcoin price drop to $3200 but bounce back a little and then drop again. This morning, 23 September 2017, the price of Bitcoin stands on $3708

    THE BIG QUESTION IS? What is going to happen to Bitcoin and other Crypro-Currencies?

    The truth is – I don’t know – but I can give you this advice.

    The only way to find answers is to learn more.

    THAT is exactly what Mr X tried to do back in April 2013. He wanted to know more!

    Today it is easier: You can grab this free e-book now!

    It is called: How To Make Money With BITCOIN and Other Crypto-Currencies.

    Here is THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD this ebook while it is still free.

    It is a gift for the South African Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE).


    My message to Mr X and in fact – a message to all of us – sometimes you need balls to make any choice. – here is why:

    Dear Mr. X – thank you for this question….

    I hope you found your answers back in 2013 , but most of all, and I hope you bought a few bitcoins at $75.

    FOR THE FUN – Mr X – help me to do this calculation:

    If you bought R10 000 of Bitcoins at its lowest price in May/Jul 2013 [just after you posted this question] you would have been able to buy about 14.5 Bitcoins with your R10 000. [The ZAR/U$ exchange rate was R8.98 VS $1]

    14.5 Bitcoins sold at it’s highest point in September 2017 [ $ 4940 ] would have give you $71 630.

    At today’s U$/ZAR exchange rate of R14.46 your small R10 000 would have made you a millionaire [In fact – before commissions and other costs you would have banked: R1 035 769.]

    Mr X – I truly hope you followed your gut feelings and dreams and bought those bitcoins. [and sold them….]